Promoting Your Event: Magazines

Print ads and feature stories in magazines can be valuable in marketing an event.  When choosing a magazine in which to advertise, consider: Distribution – does the magazine distribute its publication in an area where the event will take place, or close enough to travel to the event? Audience – does the typical reader of… Continue reading Promoting Your Event: Magazines


Promoting Your Event: Social Media

There are so many social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.  When promoting your event, focus on a few outlets that you have already created to post about your upcoming event.  If you do not have any social media outlets created, keep it simple.  Pick one and focus your energy on that one… Continue reading Promoting Your Event: Social Media


Make a Hooded Bath Towel from One Towel

While searching the internet for directions on how to make a hooded baby towel, I noticed many tutorials advised using a towel and a washcloth as an easy way to accomplish this project.  I admit that is a great and easy option.  However, I wanted a square towel and I didn’t want to waste the… Continue reading Make a Hooded Bath Towel from One Towel

Carolina Features

Shop Local at the Statesville Artisan & Crafters’ Expo

The Spring 2016 Statesville Artisan & Crafters’ Expo will be Saturday, March 19, 2016 between 10am – 5pm at Signal Hill Mall. Admission is free and items for sale include unique handmade items such as pottery, woodworking, artwork and baked goods. All items for sale are handmade by the vendors present at the event; there… Continue reading Shop Local at the Statesville Artisan & Crafters’ Expo

Carolina Features

Carolina Artist Shares Her Painting Journey

When a hobby turns into a business, the people attempting to sell their handmade items take a risk. These brave people allow themselves and their crafts to become vulnerable to the opinions of others. Everyday people take risks when they decide it’s worth sharing their handcrafted goods with others, because they believe in themselves and… Continue reading Carolina Artist Shares Her Painting Journey