Promoting Your Event: Magazines


Print ads and feature stories in magazines can be valuable in marketing an event.  When choosing a magazine in which to advertise, consider:

    1. Distribution – does the magazine distribute its publication in an area where the event will take place, or close enough to travel to the event?
    2. Audience – does the typical reader of the magazine fit the demographic of your target audience?
    3. Interest – does the niche of the magazine match the purpose of the event?

When choosing to place an ad in a magazine, make sure the event will receive timely coverage, since magazines are published less frequently than the newspaper.  Talk with a sales representative about ad size (What gives the best visibility for the best price?) and placement (What are the most visible spots in the magazine?).

To pitch a feature story idea, remember that magazines typically work on stories months in advance.  Give plenty of time for consideration, story writing, and pictures to be taken.  Make sure the feature story idea will add value to the magazine.

Get familiar with the publication of interest to be aware of the types of stories they publish and focus on magazines that have a similar target audience as the types of people who will have an interest in attending the event.  If the event will feature live music, consider a music and entertainment publication.  If the event involves a fundraiser, consider publications that align themselves with the mission of what the fundraiser will support.  If the event is strictly handmade goods, consider magazines that focus on artisans and local culture (note: promoting a festival in a craft magazine might actually help with finding vendors as well as event attendees).

Some popular magazines in the Carolinas include Our State Magazine, WNC Magazine, and Smoky Mountain Living.


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