Promoting Your Event: Social Media

Social IconsThere are so many social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.  When promoting your event, focus on a few outlets that you have already created to post about your upcoming event.  If you do not have any social media outlets created, keep it simple.  Pick one and focus your energy on that one for the first year and add more social media outlets in the years to come.

Posts should include:

  • General promotions including the date, time, and location of your event.
  • Registration deadlines to recruit vendors.
  • Announcements about vendors who have registered for your event.  Include pictures of vendors’ merchandise and link to the vendors’ social media/websites.  (They will appreciate this gesture and will likely return the favor when you request vendors promote your event on their social media pages.)
  • Pictures during the event and posts that encourage people to “come out today” to shop.
  • Thanks to all your vendors, shoppers, and supporters.  If any businesses kindly promoted your event in ways such as putting flyers in their store or sponsoring the event, mention them on your social media pages and tag their business.
  • Dates and information about any future events.

Look for social media groups that allow promoters to post event promos, such as the Facebook groups NC Vendor/Event Information for Western NC, Upstate SC and SC / NC Vendors & Crafters Event.  Groups like these will be a resource to spread the word about your event and also recruit vendors.  Just make sure to follow the group guidelines.

Click here for more tips and ideas on social media strategies.


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