Make a Hooded Bath Towel from One Towel

While searching the internet for directions on how to make a hooded baby towel, I noticed many tutorials advised using a towel and a washcloth as an easy way to accomplish this project.  I admit that is a great and easy option.  However, I wanted a square towel and I didn’t want to waste the portion of the towel I needed to cut off to make a square shape.  The directions below show how I used one adult towel to sew together a hooded towel just right for a baby.

1. The towel in this tutorial was a purple Better Homes and Gardens, 100% cotton bath towel.  It measured 30 inches x 54 inches.  Lay the towel flat on a cutting surface and plan how you want to use the parts of the towel.

coc Hooded Towel 3

2. For a uniform look on the main part of the towel, cut one border off.  The other border can be used on the hood (shown later).

coc Hooded Towel 4

3. Fold the towel diagonally and cut off the portion of the towel that didn’t fit into the folded area.  This gives a square to use for the main part of the towel and the right side that’s cut off will be used to create the hood.

coc Hooded Towel 5

4. Fold the cut sides in once and pin them.

coc Hooded Towel 6

5. To finish these cut edges, fold the sides in one more time.  While folding, remove the pins that were used at first and pin the final edge.

coc Hooded Towel 7

6. Sew the edges and remove the pins.

coc Hooded Towel 8

7. Repeat steps 4, 5, and 6 on the other two edges to create a uniform edge around the towel.

coc Hooded Towel 9

8. Spread the towel out and decide where you want to attach the hood.

coc Hooded Towel 10

9. Take the portion of the towel that was cut off and line it up on the corner chosen to have the hood.

coc Hooded Towel 11

Note: My cutting mat has a ruler along the edges, so I placed the edge of the hood at 12″ on either side of the square towel to make it even on the corner of the towel.

coc Hooded Towel 12

10. Cut the hood about 1″ larger than the edge of the main towel to allow for the seam.

coc Hooded Towel 13

Note: I chose to embroider the baby’s name on the border of the hood.

coc Hooded Towel 14

11. Place the hood on the towel so that the good sides touch each other and pin the edges together.

coc Hooded Towel 15

12. Sew the hood onto the towel, sewing the top corner as a curve.

coc Hooded Towel 16

13. Cut the excess off the inside seam of the hooded towel.  To create a round top to the hood, sew the top in a curve and cut the corner off (as pictured).

coc Hooded Towel 17

14. Turn the hood and towel right side out and admire your awesome project!

coc Hooded Towel Final

Finally, add a little something with the hooded towel such as baby wash or hygiene items to complete the gift package.



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