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Inexpensive Craft With Kids Using Kraft Paper

Recently, our son has taken a big interest in coloring.  We have gone through a few coloring books and lots of copy and construction paper.  After purchasing kraft paper for a gift wrapping idea, I realized this was also a great option for coloring.  I rolled out a piece several feet long and my son was able to color all over it to his heart’s content.

coc color craft paper2

In addition to having a large space to color, we were able to flip the sheet over and I started a game with him.  I drew the letters A, B, C, D, E, F in large lettering on the paper in different colors.  Then, as we colored together around the letters, I would read him each letter and sound it out.  I would also point out the color of each letter.  After a little time, I sat back and asked my son to stand on the letter I would call out.  He thought it was fun running around to each letter.

coc color craft paper1 coc color craft paper3

Having a large, blank drawing board gives our family room to color a lot, practice drawing shapes, enjoy our letter game and even draw out road maps to drive cars around on the paper.

For a 30′ roll of kraft paper, which I picked up at Walmart for just over $4, this has been a great find for our family.


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