Promoting Your Event: Newspapers


With the rise of digital advertising, purchasing ad space or classified ads in the printed edition of a newspaper is only part of advertising opportunities now available through this media outlet.  Using digital advertising opportunities to compliment print ads can easily increase traffic to an event’s website or social media page. When considering advertising options with a newspaper, ask for a media kit.  Mountain Xpress, out of Asheville, NC has a great advertising page and media kit to show a wide variety of advertising options and important information like distribution, impressions, and click through rates.

Make sure to ask a sales representative how to maximize the event’s marketing budget through having an effectively sized ad printed at the right time with the best placement.  Keeping your print ad no smaller than the size of a business card is important for visibility.  Also, ask if the newspaper offers complimentary design services if you don’t have a designer to create your ad.  Many newspapers offer this service and they can create effect ads to reach their readers.

Another idea for publicizing an event through a newspaper is to pitch a story idea to the news team.  Make sure the story pitch adds value to the newspaper by emphasizing shop local opportunities, fun activities in the community, or fundraising features that are feel good stories if the event involves a fundraiser.

Look into local newspapers for the county and surrounding counties where the event will be held in addition to regional newspapers.  Consider advertising on the days coupons are included in the paper (like Sundays), because the number of people who pick up a copy of the newspaper will be higher. Requesting an event sponsorship can also be valuable in maximizing your event’s marketing budget.

Check out my online North Carolina Newspaper Directory here.  Use this directory of more than 160 listings to find the newspapers closest to your event and build your media contact list.


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