Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

If you’re like me, you have probably found yourself at some point needing to wrap a present for a special occasion and you’re out of the appropriate wrapping paper.  While I highly recommend buying wrapping paper when a season or holiday ends to purchase nice paper at deeply discounted prices, another great gift wrapping option (that can also be inexpensive) is using kraft paper.

coc gift wrapping2

Kraft paper for gift wrap allows for lots of creativity all year round for any occasion.  After wrapping my gifts, I select special ribbon or tulle to wrap around the brown paper package and dress it up.  I prefer to top off the gifts wrapped in ribbon with a shiny bow, while tying the tulle in a bow on top of the gift.

coc gift wrap1

Having solid colors of ribbon and tulle on hand allow for creative gift decorating options for multiple occasions.  The blue and pink tulle pictured below are great options for baby showers or birthdays.  The red ribbon is perfect for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or other occasions where a little shimmer is a good touch.  The penguin ribbon could be used throughout winter for gifts, while the Santa ribbon is a unique touch for Christmas.  The green ribbon can be used for birthday gifts, house warming gifts, or baby gifts.  Make sure to get ribbon spools with a good amount of yardage to wrap around packages.

coc gift wrapping ribbon

Other fun options for decorating your brown paper gifts include letting your kids color on the paper (this would be fun for gifts to grandparents), using ink stamps to put designs on the paper, or use hand lettering to tag your gifts.

Wrapping presents in kraft paper has made gift wrapping more fun for me, because it has allowed me to be more creative.

Also, check out ideas for using craft paper during playtime with children.




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