Promoting Your Event: Outdoor Advertising

large-blank-outdoor-billboard-1426825-640x480.jpgBillboards are a great option for outdoor advertising.  While they may have a large price tag for small budgets, they also have great potential for high return if strategically placed.

When you are seeking quotes for outdoor advertising, make sure you are clear with the representative on these points:

  1. Budget
  2. Audience you want to reach
  3. Your marketing goal(s)

If you want to test the waters, talk with an outdoor advertising company (like Fairway Outdoor Advertising or Lamar Advertising Company) about poster boards, which are like smaller billboards visible on streets instead of on interstates.  It may be that you can purchase several of these poster boards around your town and still receive quite a bit of visibility for a smaller price tag.

After talking with an outdoor advertising company, you may find that for your target audience, it’s better to go ahead and purchase a prominent billboard on a major interstate.  Whichever you decide to do, utilize any complimentary design services the company may offer.  Outdoor advertising needs to be simple and easy to read at quick glance, and these companies know what works best for effective designs.

For a directory of Outdoor Advertising Companies, visit and find listings by state.


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