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Muscadines are Ripe on the Vine

Muscadines sign

In spite of the drought our region has experienced this summer, I’m happy to say our family was able to still pick muscadines this year.

Muscadines leaves and grapes
Muscadines on vines

Muscadines are a type of seeded grape with a thick skin.  They taste amazing and are rich in antioxidants.

Muscadines in hand
Muscadines in hand

In Shelby, NC at 1757 Newhouse Road, the Crotts family has several rows of vines where people can pick their own muscadines for just $5 a gallon.  Visitors come from around the region to pick these grapes to eat and use for jam.  Gallon containers are supplied to visitors for picking and they are emptied into bags when visitors are done.  Plan for about 20-30 minutes of picking to fill a gallon bucket.

Muscadines vines
Muscadine Vines

At this particular location, there are black, green and pink varieties of muscadines that also vary in size.  All are good in my opinion, but I do pick more of the pink variety when they are available.

Muscadines toddler picking
Toddler picking Muscadines

My husband and I took our young son this year and he had a ball running around the vines picking his own muscadines off the bottom of the vines (which was as high as he could reach).  It’s a fun experience for the whole family.

Muscadines in buckets
Muscadines in buckets
If you are interested in muscadines, here are some good resources:

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